Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is over, now we're getting ready for....

...Ukrainian Christmas on January 7!  On Christmas eve, Ukrainians eat a traditional meal that includes 12 meatless dishes, including perogies, beet borscht, mushrooms, fish (ok, not completely meatless), cabbage rolls (usually made with buckwheat) and traditional Ukrainian round braided bread called kolach.  Kutya, a wheat, poppy and honey soup starts off the meal. 
We have all of these products at the bakery.  Whether you are Ukrainian, love Ukrainian food, or looking for something new to try.  We also sell cooked and ground unsweetened poppyseed and uncooked wheat so you can make your own kutya, as well as sweetened poppyseed paste to make your own poppy desserts.  The bakery has also makes poppy and prune bismarks for Christmas -  a fried doughnut with poppy or prune filling - very traditional and very tasty!

We specialize in poppy treats! We have poppyseed danish swirls, poppy flats, poppyseed bar, poppy strudel, and poppy bread. 

Come and check out our Ukrainian heritage at Nestor's Three Sisters Bakery!

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